The AH150 offers 5 channels with a variety of input opportunities. Channels 1 & 2 feature both XLR and jack inputs, channels 3 & 4 house stereo unbalanced jacks and channel 5 feature RCA line inputs. Each channel is equipped with its own EQ and level controls and the 5 band master EQ allows detailed tonal shaping of the overall signal.

An onboard digital delay equipped with feedback, time & level controls provides great sounding delays. In the master sections you'll find the headphone jack and its volume control along with jacks for line in, line out and record out as well as the overall master volume.

A custom designed 12" driver and HF horn are housed in the dual position kick back carpet covered cabinet and protected by a steel kick proof grille. On the rear panel you'll find an insert mode FX loop and an extension speaker socket – minimum 8 Ohms.
Power 150 Watts
Inputs Jack Inputs on all channel - XLR input on CH1 & CH2
Channels 5 Channels: - Ch 1: Balanced XLR/Unbalanced Line, Ch 2: Balanced XLR/Hi-Z Instrument, Ch 3 & 4: Stereo Unbalanced Line and Ch 5: RCA Line input.
Channel Controls Level, Treble (Ch 1 & 2), Bass (Ch 1 & 2), FX Level (Ch 1 - 4)
Equalisation Master 5 Band Graphic EQ (±12dB)
Line Out Yes
Line In Yes
Record Out Yes
Footswitch Footswitch option FS 1 (not supplied)
Speaker connections Minimum 8 Ohms
FX Loop(s) Yes
Drivers 1x Custom Designed 12" loudspeaker & HF Horn
Master Effects Level Controls Yes
Effects On-board Digital Delay with Feedback, Time & Level controls
Headphone Socket Yes with level control
Master Section Master section consisting of Master FX, Volume and Phono levels
Kick Proof Metal Grill Yes
Cabinet Design Carpet covered, dual position kickback cabinet
Laney AH150
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