The CX10 is our smallest of the brand new, moulded polypropylene PA cabinets. These units are small and lightweight, and featuring a power handling figure of 300 watts, and 150 watts RMS, these units are more than loud enough for your gig. All of the new CX range are a 2-way speaker design.
Power RMS 150 Watts
Power Program 300 Watts
Inputs 2x Jacks & 2x Speakons
Speaker connections 1x Jack (Link Output) & 1x Speakon (Link Output)
Drivers 1x 10" Custom Driver + 1" Compression Driver
Kick Proof Metal Grill Yes
Frequency Response 70Hz - 18KHz
Sensitivity 95 dB 1W/1M
Weight 9.4 Kg
Dimensions (mm) 350 x 310 x 520
Cabinet Design Moulded polycarbonate, with flying points and pole mount fittings
Laney CX10
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